Travel Information to Goa

You will need a visa and can download the required form from our Links page. The staff at the Indian High Commission has been specially trained to maintain a high level of standards. Get to the embassy at the latest by 8 am and you may only have to queue outside for 30 minutes and then inside for another couple of hours. Alternatively do it by post with all the necessary documents. The details of the visa can be found in the embassy website at

Duty-free in European Airports is overpriced and should be avoided at all costs. Many familiar brands of alcohol and cigarettes are available in Goa for half the price or less.

If you’re planning on hiring a vehicle take your driving licence with you. You are permitted to drive in Goa for the first 7 days of your stay using your own countries Driving Licences. Officially you require an International Driving Permit. If you are planning to stay for a long time and make frequent trips to Goa, it’s always advisable to take a local driving license. When driving in Goa always expect the unexpected, especially it’s vital to know how the right of way is given to vehicle entering roundabouts or exiting small side roads.

While in Goa

1. I recommend that you only drink bottled water as local water in Goa may create some unnecessary infection for you, which will ruin your holiday plan.

2. Don’t use your mobile too extensively to call home and instead use the local STD/ISD booth facilities, which will work out cheaper when compared with using your mobile with international roaming.

3. When travelling by Taxi or Auto, always agree a price for the journey in advance as there are quiet a lot of dodgy drivers who’ll rip you off..

4. Medicines are readily available for all your holiday ailments and you’ll find most local pharmacists capable of helping you.

5. Do not forget to get your dental work done while you are there. You will get an excellent service at a very reasonable price. Please check the credentials of the doctor before you agree to get them done.

6. Gratuity in India is not normally expected, however, In Goa it’s become common due to tourism, in general 5% should be sufficient


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