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Places to see and visit

The other beaches like Baga and Candolim are not more than 5 – 10 minutes walk away.

To get to the Wednesday flee market you would just have to walk down to the beach and take a small boat ride to the other side of the mountain.

The Saturday night bazaar is a short drive from the house. A small scroll down the Calangute – Baga road will ensure you are never short of choice when it comes to eating and drinking.

The famous club Tito’s and Mambo’s is 5 – 10 minutes walk on the beach. So you can always be sure there would be no need to drive if you are drunk.

Entertainment, drinks and food is available in Calangute around the clock.


Eating what you want, when you want, at your own convenience – it may not sound like the usual tourist’s dining experience in India, but it’s true if you’re in Goa. The locals enjoy the simple rice, curry and fish meal washed down with the local beverage Feni on a regular basis, but the tourists with varying tastes are catered for in a variety of splendid dining venues. Offering the entire range from eastern to western cuisine, restaurants in Goa has something for everyone.

Most tourists are eager to taste the local cuisines of Goa and the city is full of outlets serving delicious Goan cuisine. Traditional Indian dishes take a long time to prepare, as it involves a lot of grinding and cooking in clay pots. Spicy, flavoured and aromatic, these dishes are ensured to satisfy even the most experienced international diner. Local meals are almost always prepared with coconut milk, fish, spices and rice, and seafood is an essential ingredient of every meal consumed.


1. Infantaria, Calangute +91 832 277421

2. The Plantain Leaf, Calangute +91 832 276861


1. Lila Café, Near Baga River, Calangute +91 832 279843

2. After Eight – The Original Restaurant, 1/274 B, Calangute +91 832 279757

3. A Reverie, Calangute  +91 832 174927

4. Mooncrest Restaurant, By the Baga River, Arpora  +91 832 275790


1. Mediterranean Bistro, Calangute – Baga +91 832 281052

2. The Chippy, Calangute +91 832 279662

3. Mo-jo’s Pub & Snack bar, Arpora, Baga, Bardez +91 832 121827

4. Xavier Beach Resort, Fort Aguada Road, Candolim +91 832 281489


1. Maya Indian Grill & Bar, Calangute Baga Road  +91 832 276497

2. Kebabs & Curries, Near Kamat Holiday Homes, Calangute +91 832 275931

3. The Hindu (Pure Vegetarian), Colonia Santa Maria, Calangute +91 832 277299

4. Paris & La Brasserie, Candolim, Bardez  +91 832 276323

Clubs: Tito’s, Mambo’s   

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